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Grizzly Bears: Fun Facts and Cool Pictures. (Animal Photo Books for Kids) by James Mayrose

Grizzly Bears

What is in the book?
Fun facts. Designed for kids, but adults love’em!

Brilliant photos. Each page has a brilliant, crisp photo. Colorful pictures, taken close-up.

Questions kids love (with answers!). Where do grizzly bears live? Are they afraid of us?

Who is this book for?

For adults who want to read to their children.

For children age 4 – 8. Many readers this age prefer the books in this series in place of a bedtime story. A photo book with fun facts is a nice change of pace from story books with drawings. Photo books combine elements of reality and wonder at the same time.

For children age 9 – 12. At about 2,000 words, the book has enough to keep them challenged and interested.

For girls AND boys. If your child is curious about the world and nature, then this is the book for them!

Mayrose’s animal books for Kindle are an easy way for you to share quality time with your child. At the same time, you both can marvel at the wonders of nature.

The World’s Toughest Critics Have Spoken
“Ooh…scary!” – Milagros, age 3

“Grizzly bears are cool.” – Jason, age 7

“It’s great to know that a fierce and scary animal can be a very protective parent.” – Dante, age 9.

A Peek Inside…
Grizzly bears are–surprisingly–shy 
Although they are lethal when they attack humans, they are inherently shy and prefer to stay away from people.

There are very few grizzlies left today
Because they have been hunted by people for generations, the population of grizzlies in the United States has gone down to around 1,000!

We’re no match to a running grizzly bear
Grizzly bears can run as fast as 25 miles per hour. So if you see a grizzly bear from a distance, start running!

Your Child Will Share With You
Perhaps the biggest joy of childhood reading is sharing. Kids share what they read. They share with their parents. They share with their siblings. And they share with their friends.

Not only that, parents share quality time with their kids when they read together.

Mayrose’s mixture of fun facts and photos is a combination that will keep your family engaged and sharing with each other. He makes reading a family experience. It’s why he loves writing animal books for kids.


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