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Beneath the Rainbow – Stories and Poems from Kenya by Worldreader (Editor)


Beneath the Rainbow is a collection of children’s stories and poems that reaches readers with colorful illustrations and tales of integrity and kindness through traditional African myths and legends.

In Treasure of Trees readers are invited to join Njoroge’s grandfather around the fire for a celebrated tradition of storytelling that spans generations. Njoroge’s grandfather captures his audience with the tale of Mwangi, a young orphan boy who discovers a fortuitous opportunity in the face of adversity because of blind kindness.

The Ostrich and the Wizard is a story of discovery. A confused ostrich is forced to find a home with the birds in the trees or a life on the plains with the animals. His wings aren’t quite strong enough to send him soaring through the skies, but his legs aren’t long enough to carry him long distances with the lions. Ostrich, with the help of a giving friend, explores the importance of self-identity and contentment.

Beneath the Rainbow is a display of literary art that can be appreciated by an ageless audience.

Worldreader presents this e-book in a new series showcasing fiction from Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you a worldreader? Read more about this not-for-profit social enterprise at


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