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Leaf & the Long Ice by Jo Marshall

Leaf & the Long Ice

A tiny stick creature named Leaf lives in an old forest at the foot of an ancient volcano, which is capped by a massive glacier called the Long Ice. Leaf often entertains his younger twin brothers with stories about the rare snow beasts that still survive on the Long Ice even though it shrinks more and more as the seasons grow hotter. One afternoon, the twins run away to play in the snow before it all melts. They hitch a ride on a giant moth, befriend a snowshoe bunny, and stumble upon a hermit’s creepy cave. Mistaking the hermit’s odd pets for a cave beast’s meal, the twins rescue them all. When a bold mountain goat kid leaps into the expedition, a mighty eagle attacks! Panicked, they rush into the glacier’s icy tunnels, and are lost in a maze of melting, blue tubes. Yet, all is not lost, for with the help of a courageous pika, Leaf and the hermit Mantru join forces to find the twins. But in a dreadful turn of events, it is the snow beasts of the Long Ice that will decide their fate.

Leaf & the Long Ice explores the alarming rapidly shrinking glacier of an active volcano where melting blue tunnels collapse, precious fresh water is lost, and the existence of rare creatures of the ice grows more perilous.

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2 comments on “Leaf & the Long Ice by Jo Marshall

  1. twigstories
    September 3, 2013

    I’m so happy you added my book in your Korner, JoJo! You rock!

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