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Leaf & the Rushing Waters by Jo Marshall

Leaf & the Rushing Waters

When a melting glacier bursts through an ice dam, the Rushing Waters river is set loose on an old growth forest. The flood surrounds an ancient tree where impish, stick creatures – the Old Seeder Twigs – are stranded. Their fate is tied to an enormous, sinister beaver named Slapper – the chomper colony leader. A young Twig named Leaf and his fearless friend Rustle fly on a gigantic leaf over dangerous grasslands seeking help from the fearsome Slapper. Unexpectedly, jittery chipmunks and a mysterious Twig stranger join the perilous mission, and offer protection. Still, the journey proves far more treacherous than imagined, and their chance to rescue Leaf’s tree home fades. Time is growing very short. The Old Seeder is drowning. A goliath beaver must build a mighty dam, but will he even try?

Leaf & the Rushing Waters offers a timely theme: the industrious beaver and their dams mitigate impacts from extreme flood and drought, and provide valuable ecosystems for species survival. Not so fantastic – one beaver dam in Alberta, Canada is twice the length of Hoover Dam and is seen from space!

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2 comments on “Leaf & the Rushing Waters by Jo Marshall

  1. twigstories
    September 3, 2013

    Thanks for the posting, JoJo! I’m so fortunate to be in your Korner.

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