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Leaf & the Sky of Fire by Jo Marshall

Leaf & the Sky of Fire

In a dying forest – infested with bark beetles – small, stick creatures called Twigs are forced to hide in a cave, or be devoured by the ravenous barkbiters! A young Twig named Leaf attempts a foolhardy rescue, but instead leads them all into even greater danger for now they are pursued by barkbiters and fire! Still, the Twigs have courageous companions. Three loyal salamanders and a fearless, misplaced chameleon guard the Twigs during their escape over a barren ridge. In their darkest moments, a spirit bear stalks them.  And the barkbiters are relentless as they swarm after the Twigs.  Soon the firestorm panics all the forest creatures!  But there is one passage south, if only the Twigs discover it in time!

Leaf & the Sky of Fire lures the reader into dying forests in British Columbia where bark beetles infest millions of trees and create fuel for raging firestorms. This climate change catastrophe is spreading across North America and no solution is in sight.

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2 comments on “Leaf & the Sky of Fire by Jo Marshall

  1. twigstories
    September 3, 2013

    You’re a sweetie, JoJo! Thanks for putting my book in your Korner!

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